Monday, October 8, 2012

Life with a teenager:

Our house burned down a while back, workers took alot of stuff away, cleaned it and returned it, now we are opening the boxes: a Zillion boxes. Of course Woody and ME; Penny (aka new girl on the block) were right in the middle helping. Those boxes have been in the garage and smelled very interesting! Didn't see any critters but you never know, Woody grabbed the empty boxes and gave em a good shake. Lulu the Boxer came to help. Well, our boy Evan decided to build a little doggie kennel and see how we liked it, right! Who would break out first??

Here's Woody,

Easy out!

My turn, but I just stood there and yelled for help!

LuLu was out of there so fast, blasted right thru, I want her on my team!

Hey Evan, I can't sniff em up on that table!

See ya Buddies!


  1. Oh, BOX HEAVEN!!! That looks like MY kind of funs!!
    You guys are soooo lucky!



  2. I love boxes. I like to push 'em with my nose and sniff 'em. But I've never been inside a stack like that. If one was low enough I think I would try to jump out. Have fun!
    from Hannah

  3. Looks like Christmas..opening all those boxex and finding old treasures. We would have had to have help getting out of those boxes.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. That looks like a fun doggie kennel and pretty easy to break out of!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Hey's Lacie...thanks for visiting our bloggie!! You are totally hot, my dear!!! We live in Pittsburgh and I am a Lakie...I live with Stan, my Dale brother and Scruffy,a wire fox. Both of them are stoopid, but Mumsie seems to want to keep them for some dumb reason!

    Lookit all those horrible to have had a fire!!

    We're gonna add you to our blog list!!

    XXOO Miss Lacie Teacakes and Scruff and Stan too!

  6. A couple of cardboard boxes can't hold back a terrier....C'mon!
    Ha ha,