Sunday, September 16, 2012

Penny Explores the Back Yard

"what'cha got out here Woody ? ) chick chick chickee
                                                 "Thought you said there were chickens"
                      She could smell them, checked out the food and water, sniffy sniffin.

         "Their hidin from ya!"

                              "I don't care about no silly chicken anyway"
See Ya Buddies,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bee Butt Arrives

     She's here!  Bee Butt is at my house!

      The other day Mom left with my collar and leash but NO ME!

What?? I knew she made an awful mistake so I yelled and yelled, nuthin, gone.  When she got home she had this!

 It's Bee Butt!  Isn't she cute? She had to go to the dentist and get five toofers pulled before she could come home. She had a chip but Mom was told no records, huh? So Mom traced the chip back to the issuing vet and drove there. When Bee Butt got out of the car she knew the place! Strait thru the door and up on the counter for treats! The vet records gave us her birth date and, yup, her name! How long had it been since she heard her own name? She was so excited to hear her name, you should have seen it, happy happy tears all around the vet office!  Penny Penny Penny!

Well I was pretty danged excited, but what would the kitties and chickens think?                                   Com'on Penny, let's go see the backyard!


 Hey Mom, can I keep her???

  See ya Buddies! Woody

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sumthin's up at our house

     Last Saturday Mom loaded up a crate in the van,  Ho! Sumthin's up!  

  I prefer the front seat to the crate, know what I mean?   I like to look in the cars, people laugh at me.  So just the two of us took a little two hour ride, and were did we stop?  (Besides McDonalds drive thru of course), Well we stopped at a dog shelter!  I had to wait outside but I could smell and hear lots of doggies.  Then she came and got me, we walked up and down a hall following some girly dog, back and forth we went, we gave each other a good sniffin, then we went out to a pen and sniffed around some more.  I sniffed so much I had a little pee incident all over the pen, boy was I embarrassed, ducked my head cause I just knew I was in trouble, but nope, nobudy said a thing!

 Here she is, kinda pretty huh? Her tail had a little boo boo, shaved so it looks like a bumble bee stinger! She can sure wag it. Nobody knows her name, I say we call her    Bee Butt! 
She just ignored me, can you imagine? That's OK, cause I liked her :) 
Since our Callie Mae went over the Rainbow Bridge I have been pretty lonely.

 Here she is, still kind of ignoring important me!  Then, all of a sudden it was time to go..

                   " But Mom I just got to knowin her........What do ya mean I can't keep her?"

Drats!               to be continued...........