Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's go shopping!

Hi Buddies!
 I am going on a walkie with the famous Wyatt and Stanzie!
     I need a new halter, lets go to Petco (where the pets go, ho ho)

Loaded up in the pick-up, I think I smell sumthin in the backseat, can I go look MOM? Come on, Pleeeeze??

Oh ya, always somethin back here......

This is my favorite position, I am helping drive you see.

OK, ok brown it is, lets go, lets go see the other doggies, there are lots of doggies here! Let's go now!

 I can see around your legs, there's doggies over there, a whole bunch of doggies, lets go!

Tried to block my view huh? well, I can still see doggies over there, lets go, I am tired of waiting.

OK, guess I'll wait in the truck. Can you see me???
See ya,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rattie from a King Cake

Hey everydoggie!     Lookie what I got!

 My own rattie and I love him.
 I hear King Cake has a baby in it, but I got this handsome little rattie instead!

With all new toys I have to show Mom how much I love it and share it with her just a little, rub it on her leg will do.

 Dang Mom, that camera is so bright!
Thats ok Mom, I'll just stand back a ways and tease you with it!
See ya,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi everydoggie!

My first post! Valentines Day is coming, must figure out how to get my picture up here! Fast! Annie Bear already got  a boy friend.