Friday, October 12, 2012

Penny likes remote control cars!

Another Penny discovery: she likes cars, or eats cars

One of the fun things about a rescue dog is learning what they know. Evan brought out a remote control car and it was clear to see Penny had seen one before, she was ready for action!
As soon as it hit the floor she was after it, quick grab and releases followed up with barking of course
                                               Look at that paw action!

                                            "What do ya mean I broke it? "

                                        Woody says  " I'll stick to the stuffies "
See ya Buddies!
Woody and Penny

Monday, October 8, 2012

Life with a teenager:

Our house burned down a while back, workers took alot of stuff away, cleaned it and returned it, now we are opening the boxes: a Zillion boxes. Of course Woody and ME; Penny (aka new girl on the block) were right in the middle helping. Those boxes have been in the garage and smelled very interesting! Didn't see any critters but you never know, Woody grabbed the empty boxes and gave em a good shake. Lulu the Boxer came to help. Well, our boy Evan decided to build a little doggie kennel and see how we liked it, right! Who would break out first??

Here's Woody,

Easy out!

My turn, but I just stood there and yelled for help!

LuLu was out of there so fast, blasted right thru, I want her on my team!

Hey Evan, I can't sniff em up on that table!

See ya Buddies!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Penny has a new "Do"

I had a spa day, and came home with a nice new look, going on the OATS walk this Saturday and I want to look my best! After they got all that old hair off it looks like I stepped in black ink. Black feet and lower legs turns to soft grey on the back, interesting shades, and oh so soft!
Kenny brought little Paxton over to see the chickens, isn't he cute? Wish they'd hold that chicky still for me.
Lulu the neighbor Boxer came down and we all chilled in the yard, Ahh the good  life!
Ya Woody, I like it here.
See ya Buddies!