Monday, March 11, 2013

Chickie Update

 Remember those cute baby chickies from last week?

Well take a look at the ugly teenagers they turned into! Eat, run around hollaring, fall asleep and poop. Thats all they do!

Invited my neighbor Lulu over to see em,
I stayed close so they wouldn't be to scerrd by her big face and bad breath,

She was hooked!         Chick TV!       There is a Plymouth Barred Rock lookin at her

Here's  Rhoda, the Rhode Island Red checking her out

Rhoada says: Do you have any treats?       
                                                       Oh well,  Come back and see me again!

See ya Buddies

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hi Everybuddy!  Long time no see,

 Lookie what we got, just for me!!

I could watch this "Chick TV" all day long, 




sometimes I let Penny Bee Butt watch too, but from over there, on that chair,  gotta protect the babies from her nosey nosein!

See ya Buddies!