Wednesday, July 25, 2012

            Summer Time Fun

Hi Buddies, I'm Back!  Mom washed the camera so we've been gone for a while. Been following you guys, everybody ready for the Blogville Olympics! Don't think I'll enter swimming, I'll leave that to my buddy Austin. Here I am at his house, look how much water we left in the pool!
                     He really likes to swim, not me,     I'll just hang out around the edge thanks,

We like to wrassel around,  see how I'm catchin some air here, two feet off the ground, once in a while sumthin happens and I end up in the water, but I don't swim...... I dog paddle!

 All this playin is hard work,
Hey Mom, I'm hungry, when's the Bar B Que???
What do ya mean I don't get any???
Hope your summers going good
See ya Buddies!